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The Importance of Domain Privacy

When you register a new domain name, you are going to be listing your name, address, phone number, and email address into a publicly accessible list. There are only a few people who check this list, potential customers, disgruntled customers, and spammers. The unfortunate part is that the first two groups of people are very rare (roughly 1-2% of the people who will view this information) and not having private registration leaves you open to spammers and telemarketers. You can view your information or anyone elses at

Adding private registration will solve the problem of the spammers and telemarketers by listing your registrar as the domain’s owner. All of those spam emails and phone calls go to their lines and are generally simply scrapped off into the trash can as they come in (much like the Boy Scouts picking up the Yellow Pages the day after it’s delivered).

Now there are some concerns that people have with private registration of a domain name, the two biggest questions are “Who is the domain owner if I’m not the registrant” and “how much does this cost?” My biggest problem with these questions is that I have a single point of view on private registration which is through GoDaddy and Wild West Domains system called Domains By Proxy (DBP), but I will tell you how they work, and I can give a good bit of information about this.

Who is the Domain Owner if I’m Not Marked as the Registrant?

You are. With DBP’s private registration they have all of your contact information on record that they keep attached to your domain. You can even view it if you go into your domain settings and check the contact information (there’s a link for it, I promise). The best part is that the only two agencies who can see this are ICANN themselves and a law enforcement agent who has a subpoena for the information that is sent to their legal department. That’s it.

If you ever do have to verify your information on your domain, you will have to supply the information that is in the domain’s registration that is hidden (if you can’t see it and can’t get into your account, you have to guess what you put in). That said, this is a thing that will almost NEVER happen.

How much does this cost?

Generally you are looking at about $5-10 per domain. There are always promotions for these and if you buy a new domain with private registration, buy it for 5-10 years. You can end up saving close to a hundred dollars per domain doing it this way. Your domain should be an investment, and most people would scoff at a one year investment for a business.

If you’re looking for a discount on your private registration or domain registration, a good tactic is to call in to your registrar when you’re getting your domain name and just ask for a discount. They may not always have one, but sometimes they will.

Will this Affect my S.E.O. Ranking?

No, no it won’t. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t look at your domain’s registration anymore. They look at your site and they verify that your information will make you a good fit for the search terms that you’re hoping for. Further, they no longer look at the length of your registration, so even if you are going for a 1-year registration, you will still be ranked the same as you would if you had a 10-year registration.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Organic traffic will always out perform any type of paid advertising.

There are two big reasons why this is so.

  1. Most casual surfers will see the first page and will click on the top 10 or so sites listed. Most casual surfers have no idea that the side bar is for paid advertising.
  2. Your website or blog listing will always be there. Unless your doing something illegal or managed to get your site banned for whatever reason. The more often they see it there the more they consider your site legitimate.

We all started with organic traffic. Do you remember when you first submitted your website or blog to google, yahoo or DMOZ? Your pages or posts are still there and will be there until…the end of time? Read more

Local Search Engine Optimization Tips For Small Business

Having a well optimized website is a important key factor any small business that’s targeting their local market. Coming up with a strategy or game plan will help get your products and services seen by your prospective buyers. Here’s few tips to help optimize your small business website and promote your web pages.

1. Keeping things “local” is really the point to your success, so advertising locally in classified ads, the local online newspaper, and community forums. A good featured link will draw search engines to place you in a better position locally. Be sure to advertise specials in these sources to get your customers through your door and make a purchase. Everyone loves a deal and if it’s local that’s even more convenient.

2. Advertising in local directories and small business locators or finders is one of the best sources to optimize your website locally. Many customers traveling with mobile phones are more likely to find your business this ways so optimizing your store front for local business searches will help attract mobile customers. Read more

Seven Fatal Flaws to Avoid with Search Engine Optimization

Most companies whether big or small rely on the search engine marketing techniques for making the site more popular and definitely more search-engine friendly. You have to understand that there will be a lot of companies which will offer their SEO techniques. But you need to be extra cautious when you choose the company. Check out the 7 tips which should be followed if you want to avoid fatal mistakes.

* If you get an email about a SEO company which can do wonders for the site, you should think twice before giving away $100. You cannot buy 200 quality links with just $50. This is one of the tricks to lure small companies. If the SEO firm is a reputed one, it will never indulge in such tricks.

* If you are launching a new website, or updating the content of the site, you should start talking about the SEO techniques from day one. You can actually ask the company that helps with your SEO services about the average time they will take in order to optimize the site. Read more

Seven Best SEO Copywriting Tips

SEO Copywriting, or Search Engine Optimization Copywriting, or Search Engine Copywriting, is the technique of writing the text/article on a page in such a way that it is read well by the surfer as well as by the search engines. It can also be referred as writing for search engine. The main motto of Copywriting is to rank well for the targeted keywords.

SEO Copywriting Tips for better ranking:

Search Engine Copywriting is about writing web page content that has targeted keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities where the keywords are also important. You have to write in such a way that other people want to use it by linking back to you. This will give you authority back links. Read more

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