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Services Offered

Content Management Websites

Break free of the slow web-master services that we have been experiencing for the last fifteen years with Content Management. Using simple technology, such as Joomla or WordPress, you can manage your website at your URL without having to go through a middle man that keeps your website hostage. Contact us today for your CMS website consultation.


Everything from a press release to a weekly blog to a weekly social media posting can be encompassed in copy-writing. It is an essential tool for any company, big or small, to be able to put their best foot forward in the eye of those who have interest in their companies. Contact us today for copy-writing quotes and consultation.

Corporate Identities

Use the techniques of major multi-million dollar corporations to imprint your company to your customers. Using techniques such as Pantone Spot Colors, Logo recognition, and a complete corporate suite (business cards, website, logo, letterhead, envelopes) you can make your company have an identity that your customers will recognize and relate to every time. Contact us today for a corporate identity consultation.

One on One Tutoring

Have you ever wanted to learn how to maintain a WordPress website? How about how to edit images in Photoshop? How about just some simple “how do the programs on my computer work” types of lessons? Well, I have been working with computers for the past twenty five years and have learned quite a lot about how they work and how several different programs work as well. Contact us today for one on one tutoring consultation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With all the search engines out there it takes a lot to keep track of what rules you should and shouldn’t follow while building a website. With the IN Connected Search Engine Optimization you can be confident that your site is displaying the information it holds to engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN’s Bing in the most efficient and browser friendly fashion. Contact us today for your SEO consultation.

Social Networking

Using technology such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, IN Connected can help to network with your loyal customers and bring out special offers to them through their favorite online media. Don’t neglect this powerful marketing tool simply because you don’t understand it’s potential. Contact us today for social networking consultation.

Website Management

Many new, small, and growing businesses have their website already created and ready to go, but there is always the worry of a technical mishap that brings that website down or can even crash the entire site permanently. With Website Management I make a backup of your site once a month, give two hours of updates, send reminder notices two months before your products expire, and I can even help with content migration between hosting accounts. Contact us today for social networking consultation.

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