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Why the Kid Next Door May Not Be the Best Choice

When faced with the cost of a new website many business owners will scoff at how much it costs just to get the site running. Personally, I have heard many timesĀ  the wonderful statement, “Why should I pay you that much when my neighbor’s kid can do the exact same thing for half that?”

The answer is simple, you can have your neighbor’s kid or your brother in-law’s cousin build the site, and they may even do a fine job at it and give you what you need. But what happens when it comes time to do your changes? Will they be able to add what you need? And what if you need something they can’t offer? If you just wanted a simple static website that just displays who you are and what you do then perhaps they are the way to go. However, if you are wanting advanced features like a calendar, photo gallery, flash animations, or even a simple feature like a contact form, that acquaintance of yours may not be able to handle it. Read more

Why is Content Management so Preferred?

Building a web site usually comes right after choosing a name and right before ordering business cards. Which means that business are still facing loads of start-up expenses and haven’t even made their first dollar. No wonder entrepeneurs try to save money on their web sites.

While new business owners will eagerly sit down with a web developer, intending to build a web site that will knock the socks off of their vieweres in design and in the ease of usability, they usually walk away either depressed or angry when they discover how much those socks cost. Read more

Seven Fatal Flaws to Avoid with Search Engine Optimization

Most companies whether big or small rely on the search engine marketing techniques for making the site more popular and definitely more search-engine friendly. You have to understand that there will be a lot of companies which will offer their SEO techniques. But you need to be extra cautious when you choose the company. Check out the 7 tips which should be followed if you want to avoid fatal mistakes.

* If you get an email about a SEO company which can do wonders for the site, you should think twice before giving away $100. You cannot buy 200 quality links with just $50. This is one of the tricks to lure small companies. If the SEO firm is a reputed one, it will never indulge in such tricks.

* If you are launching a new website, or updating the content of the site, you should start talking about the SEO techniques from day one. You can actually ask the company that helps with your SEO services about the average time they will take in order to optimize the site. Read more

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